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you and me <3.:~*~+~*~:.<3 meant to be

uh huh in commercial music again... eric is uhm restarting his computer so i cant listen to my music while he does this because my music is on his computer, because my computer SUCKS! ahahahah oh damnit i have a math test today... maybe i'll make up some BS so i can go home before i have to take it that would really kick ass... uhhuh...damnit i have to go to work today... ugh yeah i saw Jordan yesterday... i was really glad... yeas yeas... uhm yeah.. i miss him so much... i love him with all my heart <3 *that kinda looks like a broken heart on this computer* but oh well what can yah do... haha Jon called me last night <3 well anyways... i havent talked to Britty Kat in a while... i wonder how she is... good hopefully... lalalala i hope i talk to Jordan tonight... i have to work tonight... so i get to see Bryan =) yayness.. blah mmk now... im gonna go and be lazy and listen to my smashing pumpkins cd =) teheheh ha eh hem...
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