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yea im in commercial music right now... sucks.. bleh we're making songs on this stupid *reason* program.. *gag* *makes some industrial shit ahahaha ! mmmmk now... i want to go home... im so freaking tired.... and its only 8:50am... *gag* 37 min till i get oout of this damn place... then 4th per. i teacher aide for the same teacher... then i have math, and i forgot my math book at home... with my homework in it *fucking retarted me* anyways, i really wish it was already 2:40, bevause then i would be going home... *rahrah* chika chika boom boom will there be enough room!!! ahahahaha yayness i get to see caca in tutorial...whivh is in 32 min yayness in a box!
well officially 6 days till i get my lisence... if i actually pass the class, i will be so embarassed if i dont... *cries* ah i will i know i will, dude! im going to palm springs to take it, of coarse i will! aha I MISS JORDAN SO MUCH!! AND I LOVE HIM WITH EVERY BEAT OF MY HEART FOREVER!! mmk now with that said i can go!
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