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well... the lameness of school

yeah im in commercial music right now! blargness Tim is listeing to Moonlight Shadow without the lyrics! eh whatever...then other people are listeing to Eminem, and it's reminding me of Jordan!! I'm constantly reminded of him, because there are so many things that i have...memories with so many... well anyways I have to work today and that sucks because I dont want to... *gag* mmmk Eric is just kinda zoned out...but thats ok...he just scratched his privates eehehehehe .....but yeah now they're reading my journal but thats ok also.... as Tim just said...*okiedokie* now hes complaning about a super mario bros. techno song! *doot doot doooo* =) eeheheh I MISS JORDAN SO FUCKING MUCH! but hell what can I do about sucks becaus ei come here and i see everyone having their stupid pathetic relationships...such as *GAG* EWWWW JUSTIN AND HIS NASTY ASS WHORE GF! oh and Eric and Sharon... but they're so cute...but still i hate seeing stupid people making out it makes me miss Jordan so much more its depressing...i wish Britt went to this school then i would have someone to hang out with... damnit i dont work wednesday maybe i'll hang out with her the, but highly dountfull because i have to go home after school and take care of my dog, because my mom is a BIATCH!....damnit life it a fucking bitch these days11 *grr in a box!*

Eric- hi wuz up...Eric iin da hizzie...i was scrachin ma privates and it felt good. buh bye.

Tim is retarted.... but yeah everyone already knew that but hey thats ok..... eh hem... cough cough...
uhm yah anyways!

yeah i just joined in and RSX convo for a split second...eheheheh trendy fucks!! RSX! TYPE R!!! sexy sexysexy!!! SEXY!! but yeah i have to go because Mr Hancock might start to bitch me out!! love ya all!!

I LOVE YOU JORDAN SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! i know you'll probably never see that <----- but thats ok.... just know that I love you!

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