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WELLL....interesting times i'd say.... ITS HALLOWEEEEEEN!! nice like rice!! blah anyways I MISS YOU JORDAN!! i doubt you will ever read this..but i pray things will be better in love for you cannot and will not ever die...

I'm on my hands and knees praying that you'll see the love inside of me, and praying you still feel that special love for me.. I WILL LOVE YOU FOR ALL ETERNITY.. this is my kiss to you forever...till there is nothing left and true love never dies... there may be complications, but nothing last forever except for the love i have for you, and what i feel for you, will ALWAYS be there, take my heart you know it so well... kiss me once more, i know you'll be able to tell how much love there is between us, when you hold me the pain disinigrates, but thats all i can let you know, bevause i cant even begin to tell you or describe to you the love i bring you...everytime i see you i feel as if there is nothing in this whole world that could bring me down from that everlasting high that you give me with one look...i cry knowing that you are so close but not close enough for me to feel your heart beat or for me to hear you whisper the word I love you... but hear this... *i love you*....because Jordan Michael Summers... I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU...


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